Lifelong learning

 Lifelong learning is a work produced in two versions: one in metal and the another one in neon

Lifelong learing museo Genazzano Installazione presso il Centro Internazionale Arte Contemporanea di Genazzano

The parallel with Auschwitz is direct and implies a visual shock: the slogan "Arbeit macht frei" (work makes you free) is replaced with 'Lifelong Learning'.
The phrase - which embodies the short century - once hid the condemnation of the concentration camp, while today becomes the contemporary slogan.

 Versione in Metallo dell'opera

Learning throughout life is a privilege and suits well the contemporary mood, however, it hides a condemnation to insecurity and deprivation of rights.

 Versione in Neon dell'opera all'interno della mostra "Nuda proprietà" a Roma