We are all enea

we are all Enea
Participatory performance

“We are all Enea” is a relational performance created with the Austrian artist Julia Jenewein, curated by Latitudo Art Project and in the international program “Magic Carpets”. The performance is included in the performance review "le Cosmocomiche - città foresta"
The performance took place in 4 workshops in 4 suburbs of the capital and a final performance on 16 October 2023 in the eighth lot, one of the most complex and authentic suburbs of the city.

10 July – 14 October 2023
Labaro, Laurentino, Corviale, Tufello and Trullo
Latitudoartproject and magicalpets

image masks we are all enea

The work starts from Aeneas, as a war refugee who leaves from burning Troy and faces the sea until reaching the shores of our country and founding the eternal city. Every people has always needed a founding myth and to deeply rethink a city we need to rethink and reimagine the founding myth. So to do radical work you need to start from the roots, from Aeneas and work with boys and girls on the myths of ancient Greece.

performance we are at enea
performance we are at enea

So the work made the little protagonists experiment with making metal masks. Obviously masks are the fundamental tool of theatre, they serve to "be other" to personify elsewhere and different figures. Another fundamental element is the relationship with metal, a material little known by children as a creative tool. A material that is perceived as immutable. Obviously the result refers to the famous mask of Agamemnon.

The workshops were held:
Labaro, Galline Bianche Library, 14 July
Laurentino - Pasonoli Library 11 July
Corviale - Nicolini Library - 20 September
Tufello - Ennio Flaiano Library - 26 September
Trullo > final event 14 October

Final event - Le cosmocomiche - we are all eneaFinal event - Le cosmocomiche - we are all enea