The Beautiful Flags 

The Beautiful Flags 
Artistic and vindictive performance

“Le Belle Bandiere, a participatory performance included in the 'Scripta - L'arte a parole' review in Prato and curated by Pietro Gaglianò, actively involved the men and women workers of the disputes at Panem, Mondo Convenienza and other local realities. The event was successfully held on 22 and 23 November 2023."

22/ 23 novembrer 2023
Scripta - l'arte a parole

Le belle bandiere

Recalling the 14th and 15th centuries, crucial epochs that marked the international renown of Florence and the entire region, the performance sets out to challenge an often biased historical narrative that neglects the social and civil context. Calling to mind the Ciompi uprising of 1378, a bloody episode witnessing a democratic fabric that was already fervent at the time, Le Belle Bandiere poses questions on the correlation between Florence's lively political scene, the first European workers' revolt, and the subsequent Renaissance.

Starting with the Ciompi revolt, the performance gives voice and visibility to contemporary movements and workers. Exploring the theme of flags as a symbol of struggle and identity, testimonies were heard and salient images of the strikes were drawn. With a collective decision and lateral thinking activated, value was given not only to the icon, but also to the colour, shape (a vertical flag) and type of fabric.

On the following day, 23 November 2023, in a concrete gesture, the materials were purchased and the flag was made together, which will remain in the hands of the workers for use in future strikes.


Le belle bandiere

Le belle bandiere